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RoyPow Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

We are an authorized RoyPow Lithium battery dealer. Let us help you make the switch to lithium batteries in your golf cart.

  • Switching to a lithium battery couldn’t be easier
  • 10 Year battery life
  • Drop in Ready replacement for lead acid batteries
  • Automotive-Grade Manufacturing Quality and 5 Year Warranty from RoyPow
  • LiFePO4 lithium battery with battery management system provides an extreme level of safety
  •  Roypow lithium golf cart batteries will not only save you a ton of space, but also cut the weight of your lead acid system by up to 5X.Did we mention they are maintenance free and can last 8 months or longer during the winter without any care. They’ll be ready to go without trouble the next time spring rolls around!
  • 36v Conversion  $2299
  • 48v Conversion  $2499
  • Prices include battery charger and installation


IMPORTANT NOTE: Refundable core charge of $27.00 not included in pricing.

6V- $125
8V- $135
12V- $215

Battery life is dependent upon proper maintenance.  Flooded battery maintenance consists of correct charging, watering, and, if needed, storage of the batteries.  The main points to consider for each is below:


  • Ensure that the charger being used is set for flooded batteries.  Do not use AGM or GEL setting.
  • Batteries should be charged after every use.  Rule of thumb is 30 minutes or more of use requires proper recharging.
  • Avoid charging at temps above 120°F


  • Watering frequency depends on application and use.  Check new batteries every 2 weeks to see when they require more water.
  • As batteries age they will require more frequent watering.
  • It’s best to use distilled or deionized water for the battery.  Do not use river, lake, or other non-treated water.


  • Batteries self-discharge when not in use.  As a rule of thumb, check the  batteries while in storage (non-use) every 4 – 6 weeks.  Give them a boost charge when needed.